About Us

About Us

My name is Bertalan, I am an architect and my wife Anita is a photographer.

I have fulfilled my dream to have the profession I always wanted. Since then, I realized I could help people other ways as well. I could help them to be healthier and to live a carefree life.

Since I was a little boy, I knew I would be an architect. The architect who helps people to enjoy the place they call home.

My story began when I started drinking a coffee from DXN that contains a special ingredient, Ganoderma. Soon after changing my coffee I started feeling better. I could get up easily in the morning and remain concentrated all day. I drink that coffee ever since.

The DXN ganoderma coffee helped my family as well. My wife’s early symptoms of diabetes reversed and she lost excess weight.

By consuming DXN products, I also benefited from the company’s profit. Therefore, I don’t need to worry if I ever lose my job. I can be more independent and financially stable while still doing the things I love.

I have a goal to help as many people as I can to be more independent and to live a happier life.

I am looking for other people who share the same vision and want to achieve the above. If interested, I can help you start your journey.


Take your first steps toward a happier life!




Why DXN is the Right Choice for YOU?

  • Regular incomes from profit sharing and incentives
  • With one simple registration you can benefit from our “One Word One Market” philosophy and earn bonuses around the world
  • You can purchase DXN products at reduced Distributor prices compared to Retail prices
  • Travelling opportunities to all around the world
  • Access to free systematic trainings and coaches


What is the DXN?

  • DXN is the world’s first and largest Ganoderma Company
  • Free registration for all members. No difference between costumer and business registration.
  • DXN provides a fair and beneficial marketing plan.
  • DXN provides high quality products at affordable prices.
  • More than 8 million registered distributor, more than 180 country.


More Information: DXN Afrika’s website

Take your first steps toward a happier life!



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